The Radinn G2X electric jetboard is super fast

When surfing became mainstream, it became very popular very quick. However, in order to surf, you needed waves to propel you. Enter Radinn the inventor of the Radinn G2X Electric Jetboard, an electric-motor powered surfboard that you can ride on the water with no need for waves.

When it comes to action sports, jetboarding is the new thrill. Radinn embarked in taking the experience of freedom that a surfboard can give you and infused the electrifying adrenaline rush that only motor sports can elicit. With an award winning design, a top speed of 34 mph (55 kph), 45 minute run time that’s virtually silent and a 220 lbs (100kg) weight limit, when you’re on it, its just you and the water. Radinn G2X Electric Jetboard’s unique drivetrain together with their patented battery technique allows for ’best in class’ performance for jetboarders of all kinds – from beginners to the most seasoned rider. Check out the video below and see how much fun the jetboarding riders are having!

Radinn G2x Electric Jetboard

With a starting price of $7,950 that can go as high as $10,950, the Radinn G2X Electric Jetboard’s comes with a promise of instant happiness. Due to a truly unique design the G2X Freeride, makes it really easy for first timers to feel the thrill that comes with standing on a jetboard. At the same time it offers endless challenges and possibilities for intermediate to advanced riders.

Radinn has been creating jetboards since 2013. And ever since the first prototype, they’ve seen the unbridled fascination and joy the G2X Electric Jetboard brings out in people wherever it has been showcased. Radinn’s mission is to “make jetboarding available to anyone who hungers for action water sports – and to keep striving for faster, more radical, and safer ways to catch that thrilling ‘Radinn wave’.” If you’re interested in learning more about jetboarding, make sure you follow @radinnofficial on Instagram and see all of the cool things one can do on a jetboard.

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