The Thor Airstream eStream Concept RV Is The Future of Towable RVing

Thor Airstream eStream concept RV is a one-of-a-kind travel trailer

Airstream and parent company Thor Industries have announced the Thor Airstream eStream concept RV, a new electric camper that changes our perceptions of what a travel trailer should be. The self-propelled eStream relieves some of the load from its towing vehicle due to the self-contained electric powertrain.

Not only does the dual-motor lighten the load on the Thor Airstream eStream concept RV, but it can also be controlled remotely from your phone to help hitch up, reverse, and relocate. The batteries in this electric camper concept contain 80 kilowatt-hours of energy, which is then fed to a pair of electric motors that produce a max output of 242 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque. The motors can deliver torque to the wheels in both directions, allowing for regenerative braking to extend range.

Its 900 watts of solar panels provide electricity to the batteries along with other devices. This feature enables the eStream campers to live off-grid for up to two weeks while still having access to several of the camper’s electrically powered amenities. The eStream’s climate and lighting controls (both touch and voice activated), along with its kitchen amenities and other entertainment equipment, are also utilized under this.

In addition to the Thor Airstream eStream concept RV announcement today, Thor introduced the Thor Vision Vehicle. Similar to a Ford Transit-based electric RV, its design is traditional but Thor claims a 300-mile range and a digital cockpit with a variety of options to find chargers.

With better fuel economy and digital technology for a better user experience, the Thor Airstream eStream concept RV seems more like a reality than just an idea. We expect the eStream to go into production but it will no doubt wear a higher sticker price in comparison to other electric campers in the market.

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