Three RCA Electric Bike Models Revealed

Now don’t expect the RCA electric bikes to come with VCRs

The year is 2023, and RCA electric bikes currently do exist. Yes you read that right, we’re not in the 90s anymore — nor do we use VHS cassettes. Yet the historic electronics brand RCA is still manufacturing appliances and has introduced a brand new RCA E-City product line to the century-old company.

It may seem weird for a company known for its radios and VCRs to switch to eBikes. Yet, RCA was acquired by a parent corporation that uses licensing agreements with the brands it owns to advertise new goods. The brand’s new electric mobility vehicles are designed “to accommodate a range of rider preferences from outdoor fitness enthusiasts to two-wheeled commuters.”

There are currently three RCA electric bikes announced, starting with the RCA GoGo. The RCA GoGo is a folding fat tire eBike that features a 750W hub motor, a multi-speed drivetrain, front end suspension, two cargo baskets, and LED lights. Its 691 Wh battery is mounted beneath the seat tube.


Next up is the RCA Explorer. The RCA Explorer is the perfect choice for city commutes with a step-through frame that allows for simple mounting and dismounting, and features a rear 750W hub motor, hydraulic disc brakes, front end suspension, and a 691 Wh battery. The battery is removable to allow for portable charging.

RCA Explorer

Last but not least is the RCA Dirt-E, and the name speaks for itself. With the looks of a dirt bike, the RCA Dirt-E features full suspension throughout its ride with cast wheels, fat tires, and a 1,000W rear hub motor that holds a max power rating of 1,250W.

RCA Dirt-E

In between the frame rails above its downtube is a 60V, 20Ah battery with a 1.2 kWh capacity. To keep this RCA electric bike street legal, the Dirt-E has a software-limited peak speed that may be unlocked to a maximum of 34 mph (55 km/h).

So what do you think about the RCA E-City lineup? Prices for the RCA electric bikes will be announced later this year in Q2 or Q3, so stay tuned.

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