We’re Thunderstruck For The Wolfgang Thundertruck EV

Can the all-electric Wolfgang Thundertruck EV be the ultimate off-roader?

Los Angeles-based creative consultancy and agency Wolfgang LA has introduced the Wolfgang Thundertruck EV, a multi-purpose all- electric 4v4. Now brace yourselves, it also comes in a 6×6. Yes, you read that correctly.

The Wolfgang Thundertruck EV comes in two options. The first is the 4×4 that is capable of 800 horses and 1,085 Nm of torque, which enables it to run up to 400 miles (644 km) on a single charge. The 6×6 version is capable of 900 horsepower, 1,627 Nm of torque, and a maximum of 560 miles (900 km) traveled on a single charge with the larger 210 kWk battery pack. Top all of that off with a 10-foot cargo bed.

You can also attach a variety of accessories to the Wolfgang Thundertruck EV. There’s a roof “pod” that stores solar panel awnings so that it let’s us charge wherever we go. Another charging option is a collapsible roof-mounted “bat wing” made up of solar fabric, also serving as a shade. The EV’s battery would theoretically be freed up to power its huge mill thanks to the retractable solar awning. That’s no easy task.

According to Wolfgang, the Thundertruck EV can go from zero to sixty in only 3.5 seconds, despite weighing a whopping 6,120 pounds. The 4×4 all-electric truck will also feature a 7,500-pound towing capacity and a cargo bed that can hold up to six feet of freight. Factoring in the 400-560 mile range, that’s quite impressive.

The design of the Wolfgang Thundertruck EV looks in some ways similar to the Tesla Cybertruck with the geometric body and its angular lines. It resembles something we’d see in a sci-fi movie. Renders show that the outside of the EV is sleek, allowing the blue light-emitting headlights to stand out. The Thundertruck EV also has extensible loading ramps in the back for two- to four-wheel bikes, as it is designed for overlanding.

Unfortunately, the stunning all-electric truck is only a concept as of now, created by Wolfgang LA’s new Wolfang IP division. The company has envisioned a unique and adaptable new multi-purpose EV that delivers greater on and off-road performance by utilizing the versatility of the electric drivetrain and combining it with the utility of a truck. Fingers crossed, we hope the Wolfgang Thundertruck EV comes to fruition.

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