The Triumph TE-1 Electric Superbike Has Become A Reality

We’ve now got sights on the Triumph TE-1 electric superbike

British bike maker Triumph Motorcycles partnered with Williams Advanced Engineering to build the Triumph TE-1 electric superbike, an all-electric prototype project moto which has gone through various stages of development behind closed curtains for some time. As “Phase 3” of development ends, we now get a real good look at the motorcycle as the company has lifted the sheets off of the TE-1.

According to Triumph, they handled a majority of the Triumph TE-1 electric superbike development in-house. Its frame, cockpit, panels, wheels, and rear swings arm were all part of the final chassis design. Triumph was also in charge of the final drive system, which includes the transmission, electronics, belt drive, suspension, brakes, and the proprietary Triumph motorcycle control software.

The project began in 2019 and was initially expected to take two years to complete. Due to the pandemic, progress of the Triumph TE-1 electric superbike slowed down a bit causing a few bumps in the road to development. As “Phase 2” completed, a working powertrain was created with a 15kWh battery capacity that holds a range of 120 miles.

Triumph TE-1 electric superbike
Triumph Motorcycles

This amounts to a peak battery power of 227 horsepower and a sustained 120 horsepower. It can also charge from 0% to 80% in just under 20 minutes. Until recently, all of the specifications had only been virtually registered in renders and simulations but with the TE-1 unveil, things are about to change.

The Triumph TE-1 electric superbike is now in “Phase 4”. A six-month track testing period will commence at the company’s facilities where the British electric superbike will be pushing to the limit. Triumph will be able to calibrate different parameters such as throttle calibration, range and battery consumption assessment, powertrain performance mapping, power and torque output, thermal optimization, and software functionality validation. On top of that, handling acceleration, traction, and front-wheel lift control will also be tested.

“Personally, I am thrilled with the results we have already achieved with our partners and the exciting preview of the potential electric future to come,” said Triumph CEO Nick Bloor. “We look forward to continuing the ambitious and innovative work on the TE-1 demonstrator prototype through the live testing phase and sharing the outcome with Triumph fans across the world.”

Triumph Motorcycles states their goals are to focus on developing electric motorcycle capability while providing input into the company’s future offerings in the British e-bike industry. As of now, there’s no date set for a final production version of the TE-1 but the company expects testing to finish this summer. Stay tuned with Electric Whip for all future announcements of the Triumph TE-1 electric superbike.

Triumph TE-1 electric superbike
Triumph Motorcycles

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