Watch The Sky Cruise Flying Hotel Concept

The Sky Cruise flying hotel is the Titanic of the sky

Designed by Tony Holmsten and animated by Hashem Al-Ghaili, the nuclear powered Sky Cruise flying hotel has been visually conceptualized in a recent video released just last week. This might become the vacation getaway that we’ve always dreamed of above the clouds.

The gigantic Sky Cruise flying hotel is powered by 20 electric engines that’s fueled by nuclear reactors and can fly for years and years. Its elevated deck at the tail offers a 360-degree viewpoint along with a main body built with shopping malls, swimming pools, restaurants, theatres, medical facilities, and all the other amenities that one can ponder. This resort in the sky also accommodates over 5,000 guests.

Electric commercial planes are used to transport supplies and the passengers to the Sky Cruise. Even maintenance is designed to be done in the skies. In the video, the narrator can be heard mentioning the equipped anti-turbulence technology, referred to as “ANC”. So if you tend to feel uneasy on flights, there’s nothing to worry about.

Though we’d have some trouble pinching ourselves to wake up, the Sky Cruise was created to encourage people to “take a moment to dream of a future where such stuff could exist.” Al-Ghaili expresses his hope that the Sky Cruise may “someday roam our skies” in an Instagram post that makes reference to recent developments in commercial nuclear fusion research.

“Small nuclear reactors that can power airplanes are expected to be ready by the 2030s,” Al-Ghaili added. “The UK is working on a Small Modular Nuclear Reactor (SMR) that’s expected to join the grid in 2029, and the US is investing heavily in commercial nuclear fusion research. With just a few tweaks to the design, nuclear fusion and proper aerodynamics, the Sky Cruise could someday take off and carry thousands of passengers above the clouds.”

It’s still far from being a reality, but it won’t be too surprising to witness Tony Holmsten and Hashem Al-Ghaili’s Sky Cruise flying hotel eventually come to fruition. Cheers to wishful thinking.

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