2021 Rivian R1S Electric SUV

Competing directly with the Tesla Model X, the 2021 Rivian R1S Electric SUV will be the second vehicle production for Rivian, with the first being the 2020 Rivian R1T electric truck. 

Some of the general specs include up to 400 mile drive time, with ~230 mile drive time in base model, a maximum tow capacity of 7,700 lbs, 14.3 in ground clearance, up to 750 horsepower, and a speed of 0-60 in 3 seconds. With three battery pack options, note that the specs will vary slightly. The three battery pack options include 105, 135, 180 kilowatt hours. 

The Rivian R1S SUV can be compared to the body size of a Ford Explorer with the sports feel of a 4-Runner. As Rivian sets its sights on becoming the premier electric outdoor adventure vehicle company, the R1S SUV holds true to the impressive outdoor capabilities displayed in the R1T truck. Check out the YouTube video below from Auto INTERIORS which walks you thorough the interior of the R1S!

Rivian R1S Interior Video

Many of the specs of the R1S SUV are shared with it’s R1T sibling, such as the three battery pack options, quad motor, speed and ground clearance. With all models currently using a quad motor model, the R1S SUV will have impressive off-road handling. 

This SUV will comfortably seat 7 passengers, and is hitting the market at $72,500. Seats fold down to make more space for gear if needed. Storage includes gear tunnel, rooftop rack option, rear cargo, a split tailgate and foldable third and second row seating. There’s an inflatable spare tire in the rear cargo area. 

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The R1S will have Level 3 Autonomous Driving feature set in. According to an interview with The Fast Lane Truck, the vehicles will be collecting data from their fleet to gear up to the possibility of self driving cars after enough data collection. 

Pre-orders are currently available through the Rivian website. If you want to keep up with their news, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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