210-Mile Addmotor Graoopro Electric Bike Launches In The US

The Addmotor Graoopro electric bike starts at $1,999

Recently released, the Addmotor Graoopro electric bike is an e-cargo bike that’s equipped with two battery slots, each supporting a 48V 20Ah battery with a capacity of 960 Wh. The single battery variant has a range of 105 miles and is priced at $1,999, while the dual battery model can go as far as 210 miles on a single charge, but is priced at $2,698.

With low power pedal assistance, that translates to an efficiency of about 9 Wh/mile after calculating the math, which honestly isn’t that bad at all. However, throttle operation would result in reduced ranges of about half of those numbers. That is still a very long range for an electric bike.

The Addmotor Graoopro electric bike has a 750W rear hub motor rated for 1,000W of peak output and uses the uncommon triple consecutive vowel nomenclature. The bike can reach a top speed of 20 mph with the help of that motor. Both a 300 pound passenger weight rating and an additional 150 pound rear rack weight rating are carried by the electric cargo bike.

Graoopro electric bike

The bike has seven different pedal help settings and a torque sensor for a more realistic pedal assist reaction. On e-bikes, torque sensors are widely seen as a major improvement, particularly for riders who frequently use pedal assist rather than throttle control.

“Addmotor has gained the trust of the people over the years by becoming one of the most reliable electric bike brands in the USA,” states Addmotor. “GRAOOPRO is Addmotor’s first dual-battery cargo e-bike. It’s built after surveying user needs, focusing on the need for a larger load capacity and longer riding distance.”

Now available for pre-order, the Addmotor Graoopro electric bike will come in four different colorways.

Addmotor Graoopro electric bike

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