Aim EV Sport 01 Concept Will Tackle The Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Aim EV Sport 01 concept may redefine sports cars

The AIM EV Sport 01 concept is the epitome of power and sustainability. It is a beautiful combination of aerodynamic performance, elegant design, and environmentally friendly engineering. This all-electric masterpiece, created by the renowned GT-R designer Shiro Nakamura, defies traditional boundaries.

Following the Aim EV Sport 01 concept’s successful April debut in Japan, Aim decided to work on a limited series production run. However, the car is still being tested and assessed. Additionally, the company is testing the idea with its cutting-edge APM200 electric motor in a dual-motor, real-wheel-drive setup.

The coupé’s crisp, flowing lines will be instantly recognizable to those who are familiar with Nakamura’s work. With a length of less than 13 feet from bumper to bumper, the car should have no trouble slicing through the air. The style is further enhanced by clever elements such as a beautiful set of butterfly doors and a perforated grille panel.

Aim EV Sport 01

The minimalist design of the outside extends to the leather covered interior, which is a rather simple take in comparison to a majority of production EVs. The two-seater’s center stack is noticeably devoid of an infotainment screen, but the cockpit does feature digital displays to assist the driver in keeping an eye on the car and on the road.

A dual-motor powertrain provides 483 horsepower and 546 foot-pounds of torque to the rear axle while an 81-kWh lithium-ion battery divided into four packs powers the advanced torque vectoring system. The range is a disappointing 186 miles per charge, although this shouldn’t be an issue when climbing a hill. With an aluminum frame and extensive usage of carbon fiber, the combined weight of the battery packs is countered, allowing the electric vehicle to weigh only 3,142 pounds at curb weight.

Aim EV Sport 01

“We learned from the spirit of the great sports cars of the past, helped by the RWD configuration and layout,” stated Nakamura. “I wanted to express dynamism with sophisticated elegance through a simple, clean design. The EV Sport 01 has minimal form language and avoids exaggerated and complicated surfaces, reminiscent of the great European and Japanese sports cars of the 1960’s. Given that inspiration, it is particularly fitting we can demonstrate our car at Goodwood.”

As part of the “First Glance” category, get ready for the Aim EV Sport 01 Concept showcase at Goodwood Festival of Speed running from July 13 to 16.

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