The Arc Sport Electric Wake Boat Is Ready To Make A Splash

With 570 horses, the 23-foot Arc Sport electric wake boat has arrived

Able to produce more than two times the amount of torque when compared to others in its class, the Arc Sport electric wake boat is set to become one of the most advanced wake boats in the market. The new “Sport” is the faster and more athletic variant of the 2021 Arc One model, and Arc claims it offers previously unheard-of performance by fusing EV technology, aerospace engineering, and cutting-edge software.

Arc claims that while the new Sport is at the cutting edge of engineering, the majority of today’s high-end wake boats rely on old technology. According to the Los Angeles-based startup, it’s also faster, smarter, intuitive, more practical, and less costly to operate than its gas-powered rivals.

The emissions-free Arc Sport electric wake boat can silently cruise the water thanks to a 570 horsepower electric system and a 226 kWh battery pack. Arc claims that at moderate speeds, the Sport can drive for more than 24 hours nonstop. On average, the boat should support between 4-6 hours of active use, including towing.

Arc Sport electric wake boat

Arc has stated the charging kilowatt numbers will be disclosed at a later time. A Level 3 DC fast charger can raise the level of charge to 80% in about 45 minutes, while a Level 2 home charger can fully recharge the battery overnight.

A hardtop tower that can be automatically retractable to provide a tow point or weather shelter is another feature of the boat. Additionally, it has stern and bow thrusters, which simplify docking. Up to 15 passengers can be accommodated in comfort on the Sport thanks to its slightly over eight-foot beam. To guarantee optimal performance, over-the-air upgrades are also frequently applied to the internal software.

According to Arc, the first development unit is now speeding across the ocean, with this year’s delivery of production models set right on schedule. The Arc Sport electric wake boat can be reserved with a $500 deposit and is priced at $258,000 per unit.

Arc Sport electric

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