Dive Into Augmented Reality With The Audi Activesphere EV SUV Concept

The all-new Audi Activesphere EV SUV concept is like no other

German luxury marque Audi has revealed their new Activesphere EV SUV concept that utilizes innovative new technology, emphasizing the ”AR” in “car”. Being the fourth vehicle in the company’s stunning “sphere” lineup of EV concepts, the Activesphere is a welcoming addition we can only dream will go into production.

As a four-door coupe, the Audi Activesphere EV SUV concept runs on the self-driving Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture with a 800-volt charging system and a 100-kWh battery, providing a max range of 372 miles. There’s an electric motor on each axle which offers 436 horses, 531 pounds-foot of torque, and all-wheel drive.

The Activesphere gives us the best of both worlds and can be used as both an SUV and a truck. Its rear glass can shift forward to reveal a truck bed, while also featuring a protective coating all around the body along with all-terrain 22-inch wheels equipped. Did we mention AR? Let’s cut to the chase.

Audi Activesphere EV SUV concept

Four augmented reality headsets come packaged with the Activesphere (one for each passenger) that display the “Audi Dimensions” user interface. This UI enables each passenger to view navigation prompts and multimedia options while allowing hand and finger gesture recognition to simulate knob rotations and button presses. Yup, this can be the future.

This also means that Audi Dimensions negates the conventional dashboard functionalities, but don’t worry, there’s still a dash and a steering wheel for the driver, which can fold away to free up space in the exquisite cabin, and fold back when needed.

We’re not here to crush your dreams, but the Audi Activesphere EV SUV concept is only a prototype and won’t actually go into production, although the German marque’s definitely got something really cool in the works. Expect to see some of these futuristic features in Audi production vehicles in the next decade.

Audi Activesphere EV
Audi Dimensions

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