Cadillac Optiq EV SUV Starts At $64,000

Check out the reasonably priced Cadillac Optiq EV SUV

The sub-compact Cadillac Optiq EV SUV is the luxury marque’s new entry-level model that debuted in Detroit at the opening of the company’s new site, the Cadillac House at Vanderbilt. Scheduled to launch next year, the Optiq features similarities to the Lyriq but is much smaller and more affordable.

“This will be the entry point into Cadillac’s EV portfolio,” stated Michael Simcoe, General Motors’ global head of design. “But it shares a continuity and consistency of design with the rest of the brand’s EV offerings.”

Simcoe is referring to the Cadillac Optiq EV SUV’s angular “shield face” front end, the fuselage flanks, and a beveled rear hatch. Inside, large branding can be found alongside the curved LCD display that stretches from the driver’s front side all the way through the middle of the dash. A luxurious metal trim is featured for a stunning ambiance that tops off the interior’s fabrics.

Cadillac Optiq EV

“It’s a way to soften up the interior, and have it not be so monolithic, while creating visual interest,” addedSimcoe. “At the same time, it provides another example of our commitment to sustainability, a piece that is really important to us.”

The Optiq is Cadillac‘s next step toward an all-electric portfolio, which the company hopes to reach by 2030. However, information on the Cadillac Optiq EV SUV’s important details such as battery range, size, and engine options have not been released. We do know the obvious, which is that it comes in a bold orange color and features flush door handles.

According to Simcoe, “Anticipated range should be at least 300 miles. That’s the base target for our EVs.”

Cadillac Optiq EV SUV

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