Designed For Anglers, The Candela C-8 Center Console Is A Nice Catch

The Candela C-8 Center Console might be the go-to electric fishing boat

In a new variant that is expected to be well received across the United States, the Candela C-8 Center Console (CC) has just been introduced by the Swedish boatmaker. Designed specifically for hook and line fisherman, the CC electric fishing boat includes a center helm station that allows for even more space.

Due to its flexibility, usefulness, and versatility, center console boats have become extremely popular in the U.S. The central station enables unhindered 360-degree access around the boat and offers lots of space for socializing, fishing, and leisure activities.

Candela claims about 50,000 center console boats are sold in the U.S. every year. “With the Candela C-8 CC, we’re targeting America’s top-selling segment of recreational boats,” states Candela founder and CEO Gustav Hasselskog. “Whether you’re looking for sunbathing or swimming, or for that big catch, it will deliver a better experience than conventional boats.”

C-8 Center Console

Slower speeds are used to propel the Candela C-8 Center Console’s carbon fiber body together with its hull in the water. Once it hits 16 knots, or about 18 mph, it rises out of the water on front and back foils, which are adjusted 100 times per second to provide a smooth ride. The boat weighs 3,700 pounds, is 29.1 feet long, and is 8.2 feet wide.

Candela claims the CC electric fishing boat consumes 90 percent less energy than a non-foiling boat by lowering its hydrodynamic drag and avoiding the impact of smaller waves. With a cruising speed of 22 knots (25 mph), a max speed of 30 knots (35 mph) it has a reported range of 57 nautical miles (66 miles).

”Families seeking adventure can look forward to a smoother, more comfortable ride without worrying about seasickness,” states Candela CEO Gustav Hasselskog. The C-8 CC boasts 90% lower fuel costs than conventional boats, translating to under 10 dollars for a full battery charge, which lasts a full day of typical usage. It’s really the best fishing machine. With foils down, it doesn’t drift and is incredibly stable. Our Candela C-POD motor is like a high-power outdrive combined with a slow-speed trolling motor in one unit.”

C-8 Center Console

The Candela C-8 Center Console is powered by a single 100-hp electric pod motor, which should last 3,000 hours without needing maintenance. It uses a 69-kWh lithium battery pack developed by EV company Polestar, and can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in just 35 minutes.

A fighting chair is provided in the bow of the ship, and there’s seating for up to eight passengers in the aft. A wet bar,  head, swim platform, and retractable sunbed are all available. The boat also boasts a 15-inch navi screen with free over-the-air updates, an in-hull stereo system, and other amenities. Autopilot will reportedly be available next year.

Pricing for the Candela C-8 Center Console electric fishing boat starts at $361,434. Buyers can pre-order via the company website, then await shipping in the summer of 2024.

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