345-Foot Designova Soar Superyacht Concept Resembles A Bird’s Beak

Check out the Designova Soar superyacht concept designed by J. David Weiss

David Weiss of Designova drew inspiration in nature while creating his new 345-foot Designova Soar superyacht concept, a design that is shaped like a skeleton of a bird. Weiss states that the Soar’s design, shape, and name all are inspired by large birds of prey and their flight.

While the yacht’s internal and external support systems were inspired by the bird’s skeleton, its sleek, black steel hull resembles more of a bird’s skull and was created in partnership with specialists in racing and sailing yachts. The concave shapes of the upper freeboard also resemble nature. As a result, there’s additional space on the upper main decks while still maintaining a 47-foot-wide waterline beam.

“The avian world has pneumatic and intricate internal structures inside of their bones that make birds lightweight and strong while providing space for extra oxygen as they fly,” stated J. David Weiss. “It inspired me to develop a nuanced support system between decks that allows for larger swathes of glass and gives unbroken views through the vessel’s interiors.”

Designova Soar Superyacht Concept
J. David Weiss

The Designova Soar Superyacht concept was inspired by the need for a spacious and swift medium sized vessel. “As my conversations with the owner progressed, we realized that we could achieve his desired elements with even better efficiency if we made the yacht longer, narrower and reduced the number of decks,” Weiss added.

Flexible floor plans customized to the interests of future owners are offered by the interior design. A family-friendly pool deck is located at the back of the vessel, while a private owner’s pool with a contra-flow system is located on the foredeck. A central looping staircase decorated with natural textiles and materials runs through the open-plan space. Large living areas with an emphasis on entertainment, galleries, and elevated platforms all add to the yacht’s distinctive and fun atmosphere.

Hydrogen fuel-cell propulsion and a hybrid electric cruising system for low-speed navigation are at the heart of the Designova Soar Superyacht concept. The yacht offers exhilarating performance with a predicted top speed of 30 knots using a large-scale GE marine turbine.

Soar Superyacht Concept
J. David Weiss
Designova Soar Superyacht
J. David Weiss
Designova Soar
J. David Weiss

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