Check Out The Custom Droog Moto X Volcon Brat

Take a detailed look at the Droog Moto X Volcon Brat below

The Droog Moto X Volcon Brat e-bike has been introduced by electronic mobility startup Volcon E-PowerSports in a partnership with Droog Moto. The end product is a menacing e-bike that combines contemporary forms with retro curves.

Since starting to build custom full-size motorcycles in 2016, Droog Moto has gained a reputation for creating one-of-a-kind creations, basing every new custom project on the specifications provided by the client. This time, they took a fresh approach by enhancing the appearance and functionality of a small-form e-bike.

“Even though we have prior experience with electric motorcycles and constructing our e-fighter, this creation is something unique, something that stands out,” said Max Droog, founder of Droog Moto.

Droog Moto X Volcon Brat
Droog Moto / Facebook

Droog’s has fitted Volcon’s Exo-Arch chassis with a brand-new all-black, 3-D printed body kit. The Droog Moto X Volcon Brat continues to resemble a café racer, although a futuristic one. An LED lighting package, a larger front fork, and a sharply angled false fuel tank are among the new features found. The new Brat also sports a massive set of 20-inch Allscape all-terrain tires, a DNM suspension with a rear shock, and MT7E disc brakes.

With the help of its 750-watt pedal-assist electric motor, riders can reach top speeds of 28 mph. A 48-volt battery pack should provide a range of about 70 miles, though it wouldn’t be shocking if riders actually pushed it to a lower number. A typical home plug can be used to fully recharge the battery in six to seven hours once it has been depleted.

The Droog Moto X Volcon Brat e-bike is now available for order via the Droog website.

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