All-Electric Ford F-150 Prototype Tows 1 Million Pounds

Ford announced that they are bringing an all-electric F150 to market. That’s right folks, the all-time best selling truck is now going green; electric that is, and boy does the power train kick-butt!

The YouTube video below by The Ford Motor Company shows off the all-electric Ford F-150 prototype towing more than 1 million pounds. Ford claims that the F-150 battery-electric prototype is towing far beyond any production truck’s published capacity in a one-time short event demonstration.

Electric Ford F-150 Prototype

OK, that’s impressive, but there are a few other electric trucks coming to market, notability the long awaited Tesla Cybertruck which was recently unveiled. We’re certain Elon Musk will have some fancy stage show showcasing his truck towing capabilities or he may just launch one into space; or both!

Speaking of towing, there was a video a few years ago showcasing a Toyota Tundra towing the Endeavor space shuttle, but we think that this Ford-150 can for sure put the Tundra to shame. Don’t get us wrong, Toyota manufactures some fine vehicles, not to mention their truck line up but when it comes to torque, you can’t compete with electric motors.

All-in-all, were excited to see the leap into all electric vehicle’s in the near future and seeing what these manufacturers can cook up with their all-electric cars and trucks line up!

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