Energica Inside Program Aims To Power Electric Airplanes

Energica Inside Program reveals partnership with Phenix Air Corp

Energica has recently signed partnerships with two aviation companies as part of the company’s Energica Inside Program to help other light electric vehicle manufacturers with their research and development. To do so, the manufacturers would leverage Energica’s existing powertrain solutions.

The two aviation companies are French tech consulting firm Phenix Air Corp and Czech aviation company Pure Flight. The electric Energica powertrain is currently being integrated into an airplane propeller by Phenix for performance testing. The powertrain will undergo preliminary ground testing before being mounted in an ultralight seaplane for flying trials.

The company is also constructing an airframe for a California-based project that will incorporate an Energica powertrain. The research will assess the drivetrain for applications including aerobatics, intrastate travel, and flying training.

Energica Inside Program
Energica Motor Company

Pure Flight and Energica Inside Program engineers are working together to develop new aircraft. The teams are now evaluating how well the Energica powertrain will fit into the future Pure Flight ONIX aircraft. The energy-dense technology from Energica may be used by the high-efficiency airframe to provide one of the longest ranges for electric intra-European air travel.

“With this collaboration, Energica’s technology is literally taking to the skies,” stated Energica CEO Livia Cevolini. “Aviation is one of the most challenging industries to decarbonize and I am very proud to be supporting the industry-leading Phenix Air Corp on their journey to develop and bring to market zero-emission ultralight aircraft.”

“Aviation has been at the forefront of innovation in the transport sector and EV technologies are entering into the equation of product development,” said Energica Inside Program general manager Carlo Iacovini. “We have started different programs with partners around the globe to learn together and accelerate the time to market our solutions.”

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