Eviation Alice all-electric aircraft added to Cape Air’s fleet

Cape Air founder and CEO, Dan Wolf comments: “We see tremendous opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and to help our employees and communities do that as well. Augmenting our fleet with the all-electric Alice aircraft is the next chapter in our future.” While the addition of all-electric planes to the Cape Air fleet will have a tremendous ripple effect on eliminating greenhouse gasses, there is also a huge reduction on the cost of operation– meaning more affordable flights. 

In the current consumer commercial air market, there is an increasing demand for regional travel, that is, flights ranging between 50-650 miles. The Eviation Alice will be in perfect alignment with this demand, creating an affordable option for regional flights. 

Eviation Alice all-electric aircraft

Omer Bar-Yohay, Eviation’s CEO comments on the recent partnership that “For the first time in over 50 years, Eviation has created a new breed of aircraft fleets and a new era in aviation with the all-electric Alice. By securing our first commercial customer with a large and well-respected regional airline such as Cape Air, we have demonstrated and proven Alice as a leader in first-to-market innovation and reliable zero-emission aviation. We are beyond thrilled to partner with Cape Air to bring the first all-electric regional aircraft to airports and air passengers across North America as we redesign air travel to make it quieter, cleaner, and affordable.”

While test flights and certifications will continue through 2021, Eviation has made some giant strides in the design of Alice. The all-electric motors can fly up to 650 miles with nine passengers. They announced that they will also be offering a double-digit seating option as well. What other innovations will be happening over the next two years as they gear up for going to the market?

The team here at Electric Whip can’t wait to see more of the Eviation Alice and just how affordable these new regional flights will be; not to mention, see who else will be announcing all-electric air travel options in the near future and see how they compare to the Eviation Alice.

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