Feadship Project 710 Superyacht Is Sustainably Focused

The 275-foot Feadship Project 710 superyacht utilizes a hybrid diesel-electric system

The first reveal of the Feadship Project 710 superyacht is here. Its hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system is designed into a single-floor engine room, in which the superyacht builder claims that it provides more interior space for the owners, guests and its crew.

The exterior of the silver-hulled Feadship Project 710 superyacht was designed in collaboration with RWD and MONK Design. The new project will use second-generation biodiesel (HVO) in its generators, which seeks to reduce carbon emissions by up to 90 percent, as part of Feadship’s ambition to construct more sustainably-focused yachts.

Additionally, the 710 lacks drive shafts and rudders and has 4.5 times more electrical storage space than Feadship’s 83.5-meter Savannah, the company’s first hybrid yacht. Two electric Veth contra-rotating thrusters are used for electric drive and steering.

Project 710 Superyacht

Although its interior has not yet been showcased, we know that the lower deck dining saloon has a “Aqua Lounge” with wide windows below the water’s surface, similar to the Nemo lounge on the Savannah. A wall of the lower deck dining saloon opens to reveal a terrace view just above the water.

The 710 has a single-level engine room, which will provide more flexibility across its layout. An observation lounge with double-curved floor-to-ceiling windows is located near the bow of the ship. Feadship stated in a press release that “Terraced aft decks float without pillars, while glass balustrades allow unobstructed views from both aft deck and fully glazed aft interior spaces, creating a vital connection to the natural environment.”

Feadship Project 710

According to the superyacht builder, the length of the 710 is “optically stretched by a low profile, horizontal styling features, and very clean shapes flowing aft form a strong bow showcasing strength and seaworthiness.”

Construction for the Feadship Project 710 superyacht started back in 2020, but once its completed the vessel would rank as the 17th largest boat ever built by Feadship and mark the 17th time that RWD and Feadship have worked together.

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