Keep Tabs On The Gazelle Eclipse Electric Bike With A Built-In GPS

You’ll never lose your Gazelle Eclipse electric bike!

The new Gazelle Eclipse electric bike has just been released by Royal Dutch Gazelle, the Netherlands-based bicycle manufacturer. Yes you read that right, they’ve just received Royal status by the Dutch monarchy.

The frame design of the Gazelle Eclipse electric bike accommodates a 750Wh battery intended for extremely long-range riding. Additionally, the bike provides extra space for cycle bags and other equipment required for longer riding excursions because the battery is integrated into the downtube of the frame while still having a detachable design.

Coming in two variants are the Gazelle Eclipse T11 HMB and Eclipse C380 HMB. The drivetrains of the two are largely different. The former includes a Shimano Deore XT rear derailleur with 11 gears, while the latter features an Enviolo internally geared CVT with step-less gear shifting within a 380% gear range. A Gates Carbon Drive belt, which is more durable and maintenance-free than a chain drive and quieter and smoother than a chain drive, is another perk of the C380 HMB type.

Gazelle Eclipse

Since they require less maintenance, internally geared rear hubs are more frequently found on traditional Dutch bikes, whereas rear derailleurs are more widely used in North America. Gazelle is providing cyclists the maximum drivetrain flexibility by offering both alternatives.

Step-through or stepover frame designs are available for the Gazelle C380 and T11 HMB e-bikes. They sport 27.5-inch Schwalbe tires that are 60 mm wide and a front lockout suspension fork with 75 mm of travel. The tires offer enough traction for both off-road and on-road riding. The bike is easier to control when equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. There’s also a built-in GPS sensor to help track the bike if it ever gets stolen.

The Bosch Kiox 300 display on the Gazelle e-bikes provides data like speed and distance covered. There is an app that goes along with it called Gazelle Connect that allows you to view a large range of ride statistics. The Gazelle T11 retails for €5,499 ($6,079), while the Gazelle Eclipse C380 costs €5,999 ($6,632). Both Gazelle Eclipse electric bike models will come in various colors in both high-step and step-through designs.

Eclipse electric bike
Gazelle Eclipse electric
Gazelle Eclipse electric bike

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