Honda 0 Series Saloon EV Coming In 2026

The Japanese automaker has debuted the new Honda 0 Series Saloon EV

Adding to the marque’s upcoming line of dedicated electric vehicles, the wedge-shaped Honda 0 Series Saloon EV was recently revealed at CES 2024. It sports a futuristic look that we’ve never expected to come from Honda.

The Honda 0 Series Saloon EV, which has the broad, low, and angular shape of a sports coupe, is positioned as the flagship Honda 0 model. For a more dynamic look, the four passenger seats are placed low under the gull wing doors. A steering yoke and a full-width dashboard display that extends from door to door are located ahead of the driver.

Honda claims that the concept behind the Honda 0 models are “man maximum/machine minimum.” This demonstrates the brand’s dedication to lightweight efficiency, driver-first performance, and engaging technology. When the production vehicle based on the 0 Saloon debuts in 2026, Honda assures us that “the joy of driving” will endure.

Honda 0 Series

As of now, performance specs have not been disclosed, but Honda has hinted at features including e-axles that bring the electric motors aligned with the wheels instead of having it at the engine bay. The car will also use compact and high density battery packs to allow for more interior space.

Honda promises “stress-free charging” with 10 to 15 minutes for a 15% to 80% charge, as well as “battery performance that minimizes degradation over time,” which targets less than 10% capacity loss over the course of 10 years of use.

Honda announced that a production vehicle of the Honda 0 Series Saloon EV is slated to debut in North America in 2026.

Honda 0 Series Saloon
Honda 0 Series Saloon EV

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