The Production Model Of The Horwin SENMENTI 0 Electric Motorbike Has Arrived

Pre-orders are now live for the Horwin SENMENTI 0 electric motorbike

Making its US debut at CES 2024, the Horwin SENMENTI 0 electric motorbike has been officially announced for the US market by the Chinese/Austrian mobility company.Classified as a maxiscooter, the SENMENTI 0 is a futuristic-looking “urban adventure vehicle”.

“We look forward to showing riders, from performance enthusiasts to first-timers, all the advantages of riding an electric motorcycle,” said founder and CEO Zhou Wei. “We want people to think of Horwin like your smartphone. You can’t leave home without it.”

Resembling the BMW CE 04, the Horwin SENMENTI 0 electric motorbike is a tad less expensive at $16,800. It features a zero to sixty in a zipping 2.8 seconds with a max speed of 125 mph whereas the CE 04 is capped at 75 mph. The SENMENTI 0 also boasts a 74-kW drivetrain and 894 Nm of torque.

Horwin SENMENTI 0 Electric Motorbike

186 miles of Laboratory Combined Cycle Testing range is estimated for the 16.9-kWh battery. According to the manufacturer, it works with “most home charging stations” and can receive a full charge of up to 80% in under 30 minutes using DC fast chargers.

The SENMENTI 0  has two wheels: a 16-inch front wheel with 120/80 rubber and a 14-inch rear wheel with 160/80 motorcycle tires. ABS braking is equipped with a four-piston front disc brake and a two-piston rear disc. It also boasts KYB suspension, a heated saddle, and a seat height of 31.2 inches.

Horwin SENMENTI 0 Electric

Horwin’s new e-moto has four ride modes, front and back cameras with radar, a 7-inch TFT display panel, and the ability to charge electrical items on-the-go. Additionally, it’s equipped with an AI-powered riding assistance system that includes adaptive cruise control, lane detection, and 360-degree vision.

Although the exact delivery date for the Horwin SENMENTI 0 electric motorbike is unknown, reservation holders should be able to go on test rides starting in Q3 2024.

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