The iEV Z Micro-Mobility Vehicle Is The World’s Narrowest EV

With the ability to extend itself, the iEV Z micro-mobility vehicle is a unique and petite EV

Shifting like a Transformer, the iEV Z micro-mobility vehicle looks like something we’d see straight from the movies. A few years back, iEV Motors presented a similar quadricycle in 2018—the iEV X. This “Z” version carries various visual improvements as well as a redesigned body that will make the world’s narrowest EV safer to drive on the road.

The iEV Z micro-mobility vehicle has a chassis that can be adjusted with an option to accommodate a second passenger or provide more baggage room. There’s an iEV app that enables the driver to access information of the Z such as its battery life, as well as transform and extend the vehicle. A physical key card will also be provided.

The world’s narrowest EV is six times smaller than a regular car. According to iEV Motors, the iEV Z micro-mobility vehicle has a range of 62 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 28 mph. There’s also an iEV Z+ with a 99-mile range and a top speed of 50 mph. Both models are capable of fully charging in 3 hours.

At a starting price of just under $6,500 USD, the iEV Z is currently available for pre-order on the iEV Motors website.

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