McClic MC One Personal eVTOL Only Requires 10 Minutes of Training

The McClic MC One also requires $150,000

With just 10 minutes of training, the McClic MC One personal eVTOL can be flown by almost anybody. This is thanks to its drone-style flight control system that helps out with balancing, static idle, and flying against the wind. The coaxial octocopter has already started to receive orders, with each unit costing $150,000.

Only one passenger can ride in the McClic Mc One, which fits one person on top of the vehicle, making it an excellent option for quick trips between cities. There is no canopy, windshield, or cabin for the driver, which can significantly detract from the overall thrill of flying at high speeds.

Approximately 353 pounds in weight, the eVTOL can carry a pilot weighing up to 198 pounds. With a fully charged battery, you can fly for 12 to 15 minutes at a maximum angle of 55 degrees and reach a controlled top speed of 50 mph. The eVTOL requires the lift and thrust of eight rotors driven by electric motors, however, McClic withholds information about the power and battery capacity offered.

MC One personal eVTOL

The McClic MC One personal eVTOL also features a maximum vertical climb rate of about 26 feet per second and an automated flight control system that can reduce the amount of pilot input required for a safe flight. Thanks to an automatic flight system akin to a drone, the majority of the tiresome activities of balancing, staying in one spot, and adjusting against wind gusts are fully automated. There’s a small roll bar located behind the pilot’s head.

“For Mc Clic, flying simply and without constraint means discovering the world differently. This is what Mc One allows. Quickly, on board, you transform into an easy rider of modern times,” states a McClic blog post.

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