MINI Aceman Electric Compact Crossover Envisions The Brand’s Future

The MINI Aceman electric compact crossover fits in perfectly between the Clubman and Countryman

On Tuesday, the MINI introduced their Aceman electric compact crossover, a vibrant EV prototype. Demonstrating MINI’s design direction, the British marque provided a sneak peek at their brand-new battery-powered crossover that’ll sit between the traditional MINI Cooper and the Countryman SUV.

“The purely electric vehicle concept means the design can again be geared more towards MINI’s traditional basic values, in terms of the principle of using space creatively,” stated the head of design at MINI, Oliver Heilmer. “This creates models that take up little space on the road while offering even more comfort, more versatility and more emotion on the inside than ever before.”

The five-passenger MINI Aceman electric compact crossover was developed with an exterior and interior design filled with light, sound, and interactivity. The EV’s surfaces are constructed of knitted recycled materials rather than leather and chrome. Velour adorns the entire steering wheel.

Aceman electric compact crossover

A unique, circular OLED display serves as the primary interface and is powered by Android infotainment software. According to MINI, the display provides “moving image projections that can transfer the control system content to the entire dashboard, creating a unique digital experience extending right into the door panels.”

The body has been smoothed out and all superfluous elements have been removed, yet the iconic Mini profile is still present. The car still has protective black and blue cladding, sculpted wheel arches, and a Union Jack rack on its roof. The LED lighting package, which includes illuminated octagonal outlines on the front fascia and flashing headlamps, is definitely eye-catching and gives off a futuristic vibe. We may miss the classic circular lights, but these are a welcomed inclusion.

Specifications haven’t yet been provided, but we’re crossing our fingers that the MINI Aceman electric compact crossover’s design won’t affect the battery’s capacity and range. Hopefully more details will be revealed as the new British EV will make its public premiere at Gamescom 2022 in August.

MINI Aceman electric

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