New Solar-Powered Ferretti Infynito Yacht Line Offers The Latest Green Tech

The Ferretti Infynito yacht line will provide a range of 70 to 100 feet

There’s a new Ferretti Infynito yacht line in the works inspired by explorer vessels and much different from previous designs from the Italian builder. Founded by brothers Alessandro and Norberto Gerretti in the 1960s, the company has revealed their upcoming yachts ranging from 70 to 100 feet that are powered by solar energy.

The new solar-powered Ferretti Infynito yacht line is made of sustainable materials and allows seamless interaction with the environment. In a collaboration between Strategic Product Committee and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department, the two worked with Filippo Salvetti on the exterior and ideaeITALIA on the interior.

According to Ferretti Tachts, the ‘visual continuity between interiors and exteriors’ will connect the boat to the horizon “as never seen before.” The end effect is a view that’s expansive and well-balanced, with a more natural and sustainable design.

The yachts will be designed for comfortable, long-distance sailing. An “all-season terrace” on the main deck, which provides solitude while the yacht is in port and a place to rest, is one of the model’s most important features. This roomy, evocative space remains private when the boat is docked on the wharf and will be useful at sea in any kind of weather.

Each model of the solar-powered Ferretti Infynito yacht line will be equipped with a solar roof that produces power to charge the onboard lithium battery pack and is intended for long-distance travel. The yacht’s hotel may then be powered by clean energy without emitting any pollutants. Ferretti didn’t provide any information on propulsion, but it in theory, it could also power electric motors.

Eco-friendly paints, sustainable teak, and recyclable textiles will be featured on every Infynito fleet member. Obviously, you can still count on the Ferretti Group‘s fine craftsmanship and bespoke finishing. Additionally, the new series will mark the debut of Ferretti Sustainable Enhanced Architecture (F.S.E.A), which provides a collection of eco-friendly cruising options.

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