New Tesla Cybertruck Interior Photos Surface

Cybertruck Owners Club forum posts new Tesla Cybertruck interior photos

New Tesla Cybertruck interior photos have been posted to the Cybertruck Owners Club site earlier this week, finally giving us a glimpse of what the highly anticipated EV will look like inside. The photos, which were discovered by Car and Driver, indicate that at least one component of the truck would resemble the pickup concept Elon Musk revealed back in 2019.

The first of the new Tesla Cybertruck interior photos was taken from the driver’s perspective. It highlights some significant details, including the octagonal steering wheel and Tesla’s tiller. Tesla selected to use capacitive buttons over the visible turn signal stalk for the dashboard.

Both the Model 3 and Model Y lack standard gauge clusters, and so does the Cybertruck. The center touchscreen is where the majority of the controls are located, much like in all previous Teslas. There are no visible HVAC vents or charging outlets on the dash, which is otherwise vacant. The wide horizontal display and the steering wheel help to fill this space.

Tesla Cybertruck Interior Photos
Cybertruck Owners Club

The second of the new Tesla Cybertruck interior photos is taken from the outside of the vehicle, and also showcases the center console which features a cover that resembles the truck’s tonneau cover on the bed. It was once said that the center console was able to fold down to make room for a third jump seat, but we’re not sure if that still holds since it’s tough to see in the pictures.

Musk has reaffirmed in recent months that Tesla intends to start producing the Cybertruck this year. Additionally, volume production won’t begin until 2024.

Cybertruck Interior Photos

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