Ryse Aerotech Recon eVTOL Successfully Completes First Piloted Test Flight

The single-seat Ryse Aerotech Recon eVTOL went under testing in Cincinnati, Ohio

A video of the first manned flight test of the Ryse Aerotech Recon eVTOL conducted back in June has surfaced. An announcement by the American company confirmed the successful test which was held in the skies of Cincinnati.

“It was effortless and very enjoyable to fly,” said pilot Erik Stephansen. “I was thrilled at how I could literally hover, take my hands off the controls and the Recon sat there stable and safe.”

According to its marketing, the Ryse Aerotech Recon eVTOL is an ultralight aircraft that both farmers and ranchers can make use of right away without having to own a pilot’s license. It’s rather simple in design since it’s only a six-propeller multicopter that houses one single seat. Weighing at 286 pounds (130 kg), the aluminum-framed eVTOL can lift up to 200 pounds (91 kg).

The Recon can fly up to 58 mph (93 km/h) with a pleasant cruising speed closer to 40 mph (65 km/h). Battery life is able to last up to 25 minutes, depending on the weight of the pilot and the current wind conditions its taking.

To keep you safe in the air, the flight control module of the Ryse Aerotech Recon eVTOL is equipped with a set of joysticks and features object sense and avoid technology. This limits the maximum altitude of the aircraft to 700 feet above sea level, making it not suitable for commuting.

Ryse wants the Recon to be a useful way for people to move across big tracts of land, transporting farmers to any remote area of their property with ease. Expected to be priced at around $150,000, the Recon should commercially launch in 2023.

Ryse Aerotech Recon eVTOL
Ryse Aero Technologies

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