Startup Flux Marine Outboards Debut

A new line of all-electric Flux Marine outboards were showcased at a recent boat show

A new line of all-electric Flux Marine outboards were exhibited at the recent Newport International Boat Show. Flux Marine, an electric marine propulsion systems startup based in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, has reported that they have built zero-emissions motors with performance on the same line as traditional international combustion models.

At the Newport International Boat Show, the company demonstrated their 100-horsepower Flux Marine outboards that has top speeds of 35 knots on a dual-console boat and a range of 75 nautical miles at minimum. Weighing at about 160 pounds, this particular outboard weighs half the weight of other electric outboards within the same category.

Also being less expensive than its competition, it would cost about $12,000 for 70-horsepower Flux Marine outboards with battery costs ranging from $12,000 to $24,000, depending on configuration and size. The startup’s product line includes electric outboards ranging from 15, 40, and 70 horsepower and are currently available for preorder and delivery next year in 2022.

Flux Marine wants to push the boundaries of electric outboards by leveraging innovative battery technology to build a motor that produces more power while weighing less. Recently, the technology has progressed to the point where smaller batteries can now deliver the horsepower required for a wider range of watercraft applications. As Flux Marine has said, electric boaters shouldn’t have to sacrifice power.

The company has also stated users will be able to charge their motors at a regular outlet, either at the marina dock or at home using an outdoor outlet. Later variants could be supplied with small onboard solar panels to charge them.

Flux Marine faces competition in the electric engines and boats market with Vision Marine Technologies as another exhibitor at the Newport International Boat Show. With that said, Flux Marine won two Newport for New Products Awards, including the award for Best Green Product. Cruising World reported, “Judges noted that Flux’s innovative, built-from-the-ground-up design has the potential to revolutionize the electric outboard engine market. The engine’s efficiency and performance statistics show the Flux could be a game changer in electric outboard engines.”

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