Suzuki MOQBA Electric Motorbike Is A Four-Legged Wonder

Welcome to the era of the Suzuki MOQBA electric motorbike

Japanese auto company Suzuki have revealed their latest concept, the Suzuki MOQBA electric motorbike, which stands for Modular Quad Based Architecture. Equipped with four legs, the MOQBA can even climb stairs. Yes, you read that right!

The Suzuki MOQBA electric motorbike isn’t your average vehicle. Suzuki expects the MOQBA to transform mobility by increasing accessibility to transportation. According to a press release, it’s designed for “those who face barriers in transportation such as steps, even in a region with developed public transportation.”

Featuring saddle and handlebars, like many other Suzuki motorcycles out in the market, this unique 3-foot wide robotic bike can sprint up to 20 mph and can reach a range of 50 miles on a single charge. Actual battery capacity has not yet been disclosed.

MOQBA Electric Motorbike

The two modular rails, each with two adjustable legs attached to wheels, are connected to the vehicle’s chassis, which can also rotate around the seat. Because of its unconventional design, the MOQBA can easily roll over smooth surfaces and utilize its legs for rougher, more difficult terrain.

Suzuki has confirmed three riding modes which include Chair, Standing, and Stretcher. This will not only increase freedom of movement for daily use, but it will also enable the vehicle to get to places that a regular car, motorcycle, or ATV would not be able to.

Although the MOQBA isn’t meant to replace your favorite motorcycle, it can conquer the mobility challenges that many riders face. No production date has been confirmed as of yet, but stay tuned for any incoming news on the Suzuki MOQBA electric motorbike.

Suzuki MOQBA Electric


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