Tesla Offers Free EV Charging Around Ukraine

Tesla offers free EV charging for those fleeing out of Ukraine

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, American electric vehicle company Tesla offers free EV charging around Ukraine for anyone who’s leaving the war-torn country. The service will be made available for all of the 30,000 EVs in Ukraine, and not an exclusivity for Tesla vehicles.

Tesla notified in an email to local Tesla owners that the price for Supercharging would be waived, offering free EV charging for both Tesla and non-Tesla EVs around Ukraine in parts of Poland (Trzebownisko), Slovakia (Košice), and Hungary (Miskolc and Debrecen), which border Ukraine. An example of the email where Tesla offers free EV charging around Ukraine can be seen below.

    Charge for free in parts of Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

    Beginning Monday, we are temporarily enabling free Supercharging for both Tesla and Non-Tesla vehicles at sites in areas impacted by the recent situation in Ukraine. Starting with:

  •     Trzebownisko (Poland)
  •     Košice (Slovakia)
  •     Miskolc (Hungary)
  •     Debrecen (Hungary)

    We hope that this helps give you the peace of mind to get to a safe location. As always tap any site on your ca’s touchscreen to see current pricing. Safe travels.

Allowing free EV charging around Ukraine isn’t the first time where Tesla offers free EV charging. They have a history of proactively giving away Supercharging to EV owners affected by natural disasters, such as Hurricane Florence and the California wildfires, though this was the first time they’ve done so for non-Tesla EV owners. Tesla does not officially operate in Ukraine but have mapped out Supercharger stations on the way for the recently reported 30,000 EVs within the country.

While prices vary by location, the typical Supercharger costs $0.25 per KW, which translates to roughly $22 for a full recharge to about 250 miles of range. Tesla states that its Supercharger can charge EVs up to 200 miles in as little as 15 minutes. They currently own and operate over 30,000 Superchargers which are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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