The EHang EH216-S eVTOL Has Been Cleared For Commercial Flights

The self-flying EHang EH216-S eVTOL is able to hold two passengers across 20 miles

EHang is now the first company in the world to obtain type certification (TC) for their EHang EH216-S eVTOL, an autonomous passenger-carrying eVTOL aircraft. The China based developer of eVTOL recently announced their TC from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

According to EHang, this proves that their eVTOL satisfies all safety and airworthiness standards set by CAAC and is eligible to carry out autonomous passenger carrying commercial operations in China.

“I extend my heartfelt gratitude to CAAC, the expert team, and all EHang employees for their unwavering dedication,” said Huazhi Hu, founder, chair and CEO of EHang. “Our self-developed EH216-S passenger-carrying UAV system has finally met high expectations to secure the first TC in the global eVTOL industry, marking a significant chapter in civil aviation history.”

EHang EH216-S eVTOL

The EHang EH216-S eVTOL is fully autonomous. It’s equipped with a 17kW battery and 16 propellers that are powered by 16 electric motors. With a range of about 20 miles in between charges, the eVTOL can travel at 60 mph or 81 mph at full tilt.

As far as safety goes, the two passengers that it can hold will be monitored by a control center located on the ground, which will be able to take over and land in emergency situations. The EH216-S recently took a two-year world tour in which it carried out 2,000 flights across six countries and 21 cities. Since 2020, it has flown around 10,000 passengers on “demonstration flights”.

“Embracing the TC as our springboard, we will launch commercial operations of the EH216 unmanned eVTOLs, prioritizing safety above all,” Hu continued.

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