Is The Carbon Fiber Thömus Swissrider Electric Bike The World’s Lightest eBike?

Urban/Gravel and Road are the two variants of the Thömus Swissrider electric bike

Swiss bicycle manufacturer Thömus has released their all new carbon fiber Thömus Swissrider electric bike in two versions. Claiming to be the “World’s lightest ebike”, Thömus’ lightweight and versatile electric bike will come in an Urban/Gravel model and a Road model, with both only weighing at 25 pounds.

By incorporating motor technology from the Mars Rover with lightweight carbon-fiber construction, form-follows-function design components, and a wide range of customization choices, the new Thömus Swissrider electric bike raises the bar for ebikes. Built upon a full carbon frame and additional features including integrated lights on both the handlebar and rear chainstays, the Swissrider aims to be a modernized experience for the electrified era.

Its new crank-mounted Bikedrive Air electric motor is an ultra-lightweight engine created by Maxon using the same technology that the company sent to Mars. It weighs only 4.2 pounds but can produce up to 30 ft lbs of torque. Up to 426 watt hours (wh) of total battery capacity allow for a range assistance of up to 80 miles, which can be increased by a 250 wh range extender. However, depending on specification, the base weight of the Swissrider starts at just a little bit over 25 pounds.

Carbon Fiber Thömus Swissrider

“We are excited to partner with Thōmus and are convinced that light-ebike drives have a lot of potential in urban life,” said CEO of Maxon, Eugen Elmiger. “The Swissrider relies on sleek design, super-light construction, and a natural tailwind from Maxon. A promising package for this market”.

The Maxon motor’s output ramps up smoothly at low speeds. According to founder and CEO Thomas Binggeli, “the light assist with the Swissrider gives you 20 to 40 newtons, just to give you a really nice tailwind uphill.” As for the final weight of the bike, it will depend on its customizations. Thömus also collaborates closely with a number of manufacturers, including DT Swiss for the carbon fiber wheels, Selle Italia for seats, and Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo for drivetrain options.

Swissrider Electric Bike

Available in dark red, black, and sand, pricing for the carbon fiber Thömus Swissrider electric bike starts at $5,750.

Thömus Swissrider Electric

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