W2 Romotow T8 Rotating Trailer Goes Into Production

Reservations are now open for the W2 Romotow T8 rotating trailer

Announced over 10 years ago, the W2 Romotow T8 rotating trailer has been confirmed for production along with preorders.

The New Zealand based architecture and design firm first showcased the luxury travel trailer back in 2012. However, the company didn’t release a prototype for the W2 Romotow T8 rotating trailer until 2018. The design of the RV gained a lot of traction, but it was also due to the rotating  feature that raised doubts about whether or not the trailer would ever be produced.

Powered by a 200-Ah Lithium battery that’s generated by a 295-W solar array on the roof, electrical parts and other hardware on the T8 can be monitored and controlled by a C-Zone integrated control system and companion software. Additionally, owners have the option of adding an inverter, extra solar panels, and larger batteries. Entertainment features include a pop-up or wall-mounted 32-inch 4K smart TV, an outdoor projection system with a retractable 82-inch screen, and a multi-zone Fusion sound system.

The dual Cruisemaster ATX spring suspension and mild-steel tube chassis support the 7,495 pound W2 Romotow T8 rotating trailer. At camp, the trailer is leveled by an automated chassis system. The roof, walls, and flooring of the cabin are all made of insulated composite material and have an aluminum frame. A Truma Combi space/water heater and 300-L fresh and gray water tanks are included in the standard equipment.

In order to provide a two-part space with a huge covered deck and a main cabin, the 30.5-foot dual-axle caravan’s main cabin swivels out of the open deck area when traveling to camp. The cabin can rotate 90 degrees to the side via an automated hydraulic system.

Romotow T8 Rotating Trailer

The interior features a sizable dining space with wraparound windows located in the front cabin. Thanks to the dinette’s ability to be either two single beds or one double bed, this beautiful area can also be used for resting. For two more berths, a lift-away double bed is offered.

The kitchenette is located behind the dining area and has two different design options which includes a single-counter model with a tall fridge/freezer or a two-counter model with a center aisle and under-counter fridge/freezer. In contrast to the single-counter design, which places the sink and gas range side by side, the dual-counter design places them on separate counters.

T8 Rotating Trailer

The patio is mostly an open area with a composite deck ground and paneling. Options include removable canvas and mesh sidewalls to keep pests out and a fold-down bench seat or table inside the rounded front nose.

Starting at approximately $268,500, the W2 Romotow T8 rotating trailer can be reserved for a non-refundable deposit of $6,300.

T8 Rotating Trailer
W2 Romotow T8

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