Watch Tesla Cybertruck teaser video in action

If you missed Elon Musk’s unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck, its OK because we think you’ll find the short teaser video below more in line with that the truck was designed to do.

Straight from the horses mouth, the short video showcases the Cybertruck speeding in what looks like the desert from different angles. We have to admit, at first-sight, the truck’s design seemed out of place compared to the traditional truck looks of today, but the more we see and read about it, the more it grows on us. We’re coming to a point where we’re OK with how it looks.

Tesla Cybertruck Video

Although the response to the truck seems to be divided – some love it, some hate it – but we have to hand it to Elon for going well above and beyond with the design and features.

It will be interesting to see what modifications the truck needs to have to be fully compatible with state and federal driving laws because from the looks of it, we don’t even see mirrors. Perhaps the engineers installed cameras outside the body and small internal screens on each corner of the dash to replace the mirrors which would not only be innovating but also reduce wind noise and drag making the truck ultra-quite.

All-in-all, we here at Electric Whip are looking forward to see what the final road going version of this truck will be like and how the public will receive it once it rolls next to them on the street.

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