80 Sunreef Yachts Power Eco Electric Catamaran Sets A New Standard

The 80 Sunreef Yachts Power Eco may be the “world’s most advanced electric motor yacht”

The first 80-foot Sunreef Yachts Power Eco electric catamaran has been launched according to Polish catamaran expert Sunreef Yachts. It’s the first of a new generation of eco-catamarans to enter the sea from the shipyard in Gdansk.

Highly anticipated, the 80 Sunreef Yachts Power Eco was made specifically for a knowledgeable family of environmentally conscious yacht owners. Dubbed the “world’s most advanced electric motor yacht”, it’s outfitted with two 360kW engines and a set of 990kWh batteries.

According to Sunreef, that’s 30 percent lighter than typical batteries that are used, and the propulsion provides “infinite range” and clean, silent cruising. The brand’s cutting-edge solar power skin covers up to 200 square meters of the composite structure and produces 36 kilowatts of clean storable energy.

Sunreef Yachts Power Eco
Sunreef Yachts

“The climate impact of large power yachts is significant,” the yacht owner told Sunreef in an interview. “We have taken extensive steps to impact the climate crises, therefore we could only consider a power yacht if it would incorporate technologies that are rapidly scaling in other sectors such as solar energy and electric vehicles.”

There are also green features onboard the Power Eco electric catamaran. The cat has smart energy management, a water-making and purification system, and an energy-efficient air conditioning system. There are four roomy cabins inside, which were customized for the owner. The decor combines classy modern furniture with a soft neutral color scheme to enhance the glistening, bronze-gold hull.

“We will spend summers in the Northeast, some of which we know well, but much remains to discover,” the Sunreef Yachts Power Eco owner added. “We look forward to joining the ship in the Bahamas and the Caribbean in the winter when the boat is off charter. The Caribbean, in particular, is mostly a frontier for us, and will offer a wonderful escape from the cold northern winters!”

Sunreef Yachts Power
Sunreef Yachts
Power Eco electric catamaran
Sunreef Yachts

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