All Audi Production Factories To Build EVs By 2029

The German marque plans to convert all Audi production factories to go fully-electric

In a commitment to go all-out and electrified, Audi has announced plans to have all Audi production factories worldwide build all-electric vehicles by the year 2029. This will help Audi meet their objective of eliminating production of all internal combustion engine vehicles by 2033, in addition to lowering production costs.

Instead of constructing new “greenfield” locations and demolishing the old, new sites will only be constructed when increased capacity is required. The Audi production plan intends to achieve this by producing at least one all-electric vehicle model at all Audi production factories by 2029. The manufacture of the other combustion models will then be gradually phased out by the start of 2030, depending on local conditions.

In light of the automaker’s plans to focus exclusively on electric vehicles, Gerd Walker, the Audi board member responsible for production and logistics, stated, “Step by step, we are bringing all our sites into the future.” Audi revealed its “plan for the production of the future” in a press release on Tuesday, which included turning its network of global facilities to create only electric cars. “The path Audi is taking conserves resources and accelerates our transformation to a provider of sustainable premium mobility,” Gerd Walker added.

Audi Production Factories

Other Audi production plans include lowering their environmental impact and slashing yearly plant expenditures in half by 2033. Audi has had a plan in place since 2019 to have all Audi production factories across the world be net carbon neutral by 2025. That’s rolling up real soon.

The German luxury marque also hopes to further this by reducing its overall environmental impact by half between 2018 and 2030 in the following areas: primary energy consumption, power plant emissions, CO2 equivalents, air pollutants, local water risk, wastewater, and waste volumes.

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