Alpha Motor Corporation Unveils Alpha Saga Estate All-Electric Wagon

The new Alpha Saga Estate all-electric wagon has been unveiled by Alpha Motor Corporation

Alpha Motor Corporation, a California-based electric vehicle startup, has revealed their new Alpha Saga Estate all-electric wagon. Just last year, the company showcased their Ace coupe, Jax crossover utility vehicle, and Wolf electric truck.

Unveiling renderings of another retro-looking EV, Alpha Motor Corporation plans to offer a luxury estate wagon to add to their Saga line of vehicles. Named the Saga Estate, the all-electric wagon retains the same elegant shape as its predecessors, but is heavier, longer, and wider. The roof has expanded to an inclined hatchback to create storage space.

According to Alpha Motor Corporation, the Alpha Saga Estate all-electric wagon would have 35 cubic feet of cargo space, compared to the standard saloon’s 20 cubic feet. The Saga Estate is also equipped with roof racks which may be used to transport your surfboard.

Its all-wheel-drive engine is made up of two electric motors that power the front and back axles. The 85 kWh lithium-ion battery provides the Sage Estate with the potential to travel 300 miles on a single charge. At 4,520 pounds, the wagon will reach 60 mph in 6.3 seconds.

The Alpha Saga Estate all-electric wagon will seat 5 passengers and the interior will be made of premium materials and equipped with a large infotainment display, a digital instrument cluster, and an exceptional sound system. An optional package is available to drivers who would like to increase the ride height and equip front and rear spotlights and bumpers.

Alpha Motor Corporation has not stated when the Saga Estate will go into production, but the company is currently accepting reservations. Priced at $45,000, the Alpha Saga Estate all-electric wagon continues the trend of gorgeous EVs by the California startup.

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