The Porsche Mission R Electric Race Car is Loud!

Ever heard of a loud EV car? Well, one would believe that “loud” and “electric”, those two words would never be in the same sentence, that’s until you see and hear the Porsche Mission R Electric Race Car. That’s right, an electric car that makes race car noise.

The Porsche Mission R is powered by a one-of-one 1073-hp two motor setup with two straight-cut reduction gears (one front and one rear) that transmit power to mechanical limited-slip differentials. The Mission R electric race car also converts braking into electricity through regenerative braking, and as a result, the motors fight against the car’s inertia, the noise captivates your eardrums making ear plugs a requirement.

60% of the Mission R’s braking is done in the front motor, while the rear handles the rest. Porsche suggests driving the car with a 85% battery charged so the braking regen is always available. With a firm brake pedal feel, and no ABS, the brake pedal is easy to modulate and feels like any other brake pedal, on a race car of course.

Porsche Mission R Electric Race Car


On turns, the Porsche Mission R, banks instantly, while on the straightaways, the two motors really scream. It has multiple driving modes with Qualifying mode where 1,073 hp is available and Race mode, where 671 hp is available. Porches investment to build this car was a whopping $10 million with an acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.5 seconds. We’re curious how this would stand against the Tesla Roadster!?

With a direct-driver setup, there is no need for up or downshifting; something synonymous with race cars. However, given the powerplant, EVs don’t use gearboxes which makes it less involving when driving. In other words, there’s no tachometer to monitor, no shift lights and you don’t need to think about keeping the engine in its torque peak.

With a 82-kWh battery, fluid bath for the motor and battery, the Porsche Mission R electric race car is good for a 30-minute track session. The design was born straight from the current 982 Cayman, only a couple inches shorter. At 46.9 inches tall, 3D-printer seat, and styled to slither, the Mission R likes like a mean looking Le Mans car. With clear polycarbonate roof panels let the light shine in and to save weight, the electric race car is easy to drive.

With its onboard charger that can swallow 350 kilowatts, the 900 volt battery can go from 5% to 85% in just 15 minutes. Designed as a proof of concept, according to Porsche, the Mission R just works. Its fun, fast and shows us how the electric race cars may just dominate the future of auto racing.

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