Awake Electric Surfboards Offer A Premium Experience

Sustainability and performance are key to Awake electric surfboards

Swedish engineering company Awake Boards have a line of Awake electric surfboards that shred against any competitor in the electric action water sports market. Awake Boards are looking to push the limits of what is possible in the field of electric water sports while leading the industry’s shift to a zero-emission lifestyle.

As a young Swedish wakeboarder, Philip Werner had a passion that led to him building his first electric surfboard back in 2012 in what resulted in a repurposed windsurf board with a small turbine and lithium batteries. Quite possibly, Werner may have been the inventor of the motorized surfboard. In perfect timing, waves in the electric surfboard industry began to move.

In 2017, Werner founded Awake Boards. By providing a cutting-edge and high-performance electric surf, the company’s objective is to accelerate the future of electric water sports. These Awake electric surfboards are definitely premium and currently come in a product line of three different models, the Awake RAVIK One, RAVIK S, and the RAVIK 3, starting at the price of $12,900.

For the first generation of their Awake electric surfboards, the Awake RAVIK ONE was introduced as the company’s premiere model. Great for beginners and easy to ride, the RAVIK ONEis very accessible and features a soft rocker, wide tail, high buoyancy, and an M-shaped hull that provides a strong surface grip aiding stability in various riding conditions.

Those who are a bit more adventurous and are experienced with surfing may want to tread towards the Awake RAVIK S, the signature model out of the three. The RAVIK S is catered toward performance and race with an aggressive rocker, carving rails, low buoyancy, and a W-shaped hull. Its strong construction and strategically placed indentations make it even more rigid and robust.

The third-gen Awake electric surfboard is a fusion and culmination of the relationship between the company and their consumers. Named the Awake RAVIK 3, it is a less noisy board that features a wireless hand controller and an improved motor and impeller for a more efficient drivetrain. It offers extreme acceleration and a carbon fiber V-shaped hull to maximize stability and balance with faster carves.

All three of the Awake electric surfboards are powered by a 11-kW motor with 3 speed and throttle sensitivity levels that accelerate from a standstill to 50 km/h (0-31 mph) in four to five seconds. The standard battery lasts 20-40 minutes for the Awake RAVIK ONE, 15-20 minutes for the RAVIK S, and 15-30 minutes for the RAVIK 3. Charging the removable battery to full takes 80 minutes for all models.

Earlier this year, Adam Treschow from Swedish home appliance manufacturer Electrolux was brought in as the new CEO of Awake Boards in place of co-founder Daniel Aronsson. Treschow previously held the position of Vice President of Consumer Experience Area Wellbeing at Electrolux and has experience in consumer product development and large-scale global commercialization.

Awake Boards recently completed a large-scale production move from Limhamn, Sweden to a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Szczecin, Poland. This move is being made in part to deal with the exponential increase in Awake electric surfboard pre-orders for 2022, as well as the anticipated activation of international markets. It’s apparent there’s a high demand of surfers who want the speed of a jet ski with the portability of a surfboard. Check out the photos below for each of the Awake RAVIK models.

Awake electric surfboard
Awake electric surfboard
Awake electric surfboard

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