The Dutch-Inspired Cowboy Cruiser Electric Bike Brings Dutch-Styled Comfort

The Cowboy Cruiser electric bike has been revealed with a more upright ride

With a more relaxed feel when compared to their previous e-bikes, the Cowboy Cruiser electric bike is a great addition to the Belgium-based company. According to Cowboy, “The new e-bike was developed following feedback from within Cowboy’s urban rider community, who had requested a more upright  ‘Dutch’ riding position for improved posture and increased visibility on the road.”

A wider saddle with a larger seating surface for added comfort, an improved gear ratio for “a more relaxing ride,” and new comfort grips on an elevated handlebar to allow a more natural feeling hand position are just a few of the improvements made to the Cowboy Cruiser electric bike models.

Cowboy’s design director Richard Bone explains:

With the e-bike market set to reach $119 billion by 2030 and with more people realizing the economical, environmental and health benefits of cycling, there are increasing numbers of new urban riders with different needs. At Cowboy, we are focused on addressing those needs as we focus on rider-centric innovation; developing e-bikes and software in line with what our riders actually need, not just innovating for innovation’s sake.

This thinking is also behind our renaming strategy, making it easier and clearer for customers to purchase the model that’s perfect for them. We are determined to increase the adoption of cycling by as many people as possible.

Cowboy Cruiser Electric Bike

According to Cowboy, the Cruiser’s Gates carbon belt-drive transmission system now offers a wider gear range, allowing riders to spin at a faster cadence. The Cruiser’s detachable battery offers a 64 to 128 mile range, while the rear wheel incorporates the 45Nm/250W motor. Cowboy also claims that its one-size aluminum frame will easily suit riders between the heights of 5-foot-6 to 6-foot-4.

The e-bike also features a wireless charging phone mount in the cockpit that has access to the Cowboy app. The app can unlock the bike’s motor and receive theft alerts.

Set at an introductory price of $3,416, the 42.5-pound Cowboy Cruiser electric bike is now available in Black or Sand (off-white) colorways.

Cowboy Cruiser

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