Upgraded Dreadnort Boat POD Travel Trailer Revealed

The new Dreadnort Boat POD travel trailer can function on both land and sea

Recently, an upgraded mobile version of the Dreadnort Boat POD travel trailer has been announced by the New Zealand based company. Their third iteration is unquestionably the most adaptable thus far because it can now serve as both a boat and a vacation trailer.

While still a prototype, the Dreadnort Boat POD travel trailer is envisioned as a mobile office, but the company also aims to create a variation that might be a food truck and a camper van that’s allowed for use on public roads. The POD features lifting lugs that may be used to attach it to a crane or even fly it into position using a helicopter.

The POD is raised 3.9 inches from the ground by a set of movable legs. According to the company, a “full road-legal” model of the third iteration is on the way. Even if you are off the grid, a 200-Ah battery and two sets of 150-W solar panels will power the building and all of its equipment.

Dreadnort Boat POD travel trailer

The striking style of the POD features geodesic dome overtones and is made of intersecting pentagonal parts. Many of the panels are sizable windows, providing residents with a broad view of the outside. 0.2-inch Marine-grade aluminum plates and 0.24-inch safety glass windows are used on its exterior. Optional solar panels can be added to the roof.

In the interior, there’s a sink and a two-burner cooktop as part of the kitchenette. A restroom, lounge with a bed-making table, and sitting area. The 22.97-foot variant features a mirrored layout while the 29.53-footer includes a separate bedroom.

Although a prototype, the Dreadnort Boat POD travel trailer will go into production in the coming month and will be priced at $61,000.

Dreadnort Boat POD

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