Dual-Motor Yamaha Y-01W AWD E-Bike Unveiled

Achieve higher performance and stability with the Yamaha Y-01W AWD e-bike

It’s been done before, but the Yamaha Y-01W AWD e-bike’s unique two-wheel-drive feature is a first for pedal bicycles and e-bikes. Earlier this year, Yamaha revealed the Y-01W at the 2023 Tokyo Mobility Show to target the “gravel bike” market and featured models that were better suited for off-road.

A standard mid-drive motor drives the Yamaha Y-01W AWD e-bike’s chain to engage its built-in drivetrain, powering the rear wheel of the e-bike. However, AWD capability is provided by the inclusion of a front thru-axle hub motor, which enables both wheels to move over varied terrain.

“This adventure eBike combines a center-mounted electric motor and a hub motor at the front for two-wheel drive,” stated Yamaha. “Coordinated electronic control of the two motors, twin batteries enabling long-distance rides, wide tires and more give the Y-01W AWD excellent off-road performance and it is a concept model that points to the many potential spheres of riding open to eBikes.”

Y-01W AWD e-bike

Although Yamaha has a well-established lineup of ebikes, including models in the electric mountain bike (e-MTB) market where AWD is likely to significantly improve performance and lessen rider fatigue, there is no word on whether the company plans to put the Y-01W AWD into production.

It appears that the manufacturer also included a second battery in the bike to make sure there would be adequate power for both motors.

The Yamaha Y-01W AWD e-bike is still a concept and may or may not make it into production. The company describes the bike as a “technical showcase of what is possible with eMTB technologies. It combines a split arrangement for the drive unit with an Electric Power Steering (EPS) system employing a magnetostrictive torque sensor proven on our PAS line of electrically power-assisted bicycles. The result is both excellent handling and stability in off-road riding.”

Yamaha Y-01W AWD e-bike

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