The first Harley Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle

The very first all electric motorcycle by Harley Davidson has arrived— welcome the Harley Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle. This EV bike from the well known motorcycle brand, is appealing to a whole new generation with the launch of their new EV line.

Clocking in a top speed of 110 miles per hour with a 3 second 0-60 time. The 2020 LiveWire electric motorcycle has a 78 kilowatt motor with a 15.5 kilowatt battery. The single speed transmission bike has rear-wheel drive with 105 horsepower and 86lb feet of torque. 

Harley Davidson LiveWire Specs:

harley davidson livewire electric motorcycle specs
Harley Davidson / LiveWire

The Harley Davidson LiveWire houses the “Revelation”, a permanent magnet motor. The bike has four driving modes: road, sport, rain, and eco. These four modes re-calibrate the battery and power delivery to perform optimally for these conditions. The battery’s range is 146 city miles, and can hit 80% charge in just 40 minutes. Technology includes an app with compatible Bluetooth headsets and display navigation with riding distances and charge levels. 

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The $30,000 price tag on the new Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle brings some skepticism, and it competes with Ducati’s almost-MotoGP V4 S superbike. Harley Davidson has stated that the LiveWire is just the first to come in a new line of EV bikes, assuming that the future will offer some lower cost Harley Davidson EV bike options.

harley davidson livewire electric motorcycle rider
Harley Davidson / LiveWire

The bike is still quite heavy as far as EV bike standards are concerned, weighing 526 pounds. Also, the regenerative break settings obn this model leave room for improvement— they don’t quite compete with the EV standards of present day. Which, for some is a plus, others a minus. 

While Harley Davidson has a solid fan base of older generations, this new journey into the EV market could be just the shot of life HD needs to stay relevant.

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