Zero-Emission Hurtigruten Norway Sea Zero Project Scheduled For 2030

The Hurtigruten Norway Sea Zero is built with batteries and retractable sails

Are you ready for the emissions-free Hurtigruten Norway Sea Zero? The futuristic vessel concept has the chance to become the world’s very first zero-emission cruise ship. Cruise line Hurtigruten Norway unveiled their plans this week, showcasing the vessel’s 60 mWh rechargeable batteries which cover 300 to 350 nautical miles per charge.

Furthermore, the Hurtigruten Norway Sea Zero will utilize the energy of the sun and wind. When it’s windy or sunny, crew members on the upper deck of the ship will be able to raise and lower three 164-foot-tall sails that are coated in 16,000 square feet of solar panels.

“We are committed to delivering a ship that surpasses all others in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability within just a few years,” said CEO of Hurtigruten Norway Hedda Felin.

Norway Sea Zero
Hurtigruten Norway

The panels can absorb a significant amount of solar electricity, depending on the season and the ship’s position. Due to their high latitude location on the planet, the northern regions of the country enjoy the “midnight sun,” or 24 hours of sunshine, throughout the summer. The rest of Norway also benefits from the extended daytimes during June, July and August. However, the country can get very dark during the winter, with the sun only rising over the southern portion of the country.

The Hurtigruten Norway Sea Zero Project will be 443 feet long and have 270 cabins for up to 500 passengers and 99 crew cabins. It will also have room for automobiles and a sizable freight compartment. Seafarers may foresee exceptional luxury and breathtaking vistas on Hurtigruten’s ships. Through an interactive smartphone app, users will also be able to monitor their personal energy and water usage.

The ship will also have three autonomous, retractable wings installed. Towering at 164 feet, it utilizes about 16,150 square feet of solar panels and offers a total wind surface of 8,000 square feet. Additional solar energy and wind power will be produced by the configuration. For the record, Hurtigruten Norway claims that only 0.1 percent of ships around the world currently use zero-emissions tech.

Hurtigruten Norway Sea Zero
Hurtigruten Norway

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