Klissarov Design Acro eVTOL Unveiled

The new Klissarov Design Acro eVTOL is developed for the yachting world

Transporting one passenger to and from motherships or ports, the Klissarov Design Acro eVTOL concept was specifically designed for the marine industry. One of the many standout features that caught our attention is the ability to land on yachts, and even during windy conditions.

Thrust vectoring is possible in all directions with the Acro’s propulsion system because of its advanced cycloidal rotor technology. The eVTOL will be incredibly stable and maneuverable as a result.

Swift and sound, the Klissarov Design Acro eVTOL will also fly quietly due to its electric motors which emit low noise. Other innovative features also include an emergency ballistic parachute system at the top of the eVTOL, a 3D printed heat sink, a “Structural Harness” which secures the pilot, and a dual joystick control scheme without the use of any pedals.

Klissarov Design Acro
Klissarov Design

Moreover, the Acro has striking features such as two side-screen HMIs for better vision of the surroundings, a tilting structural polycarbonate canopy that combines joysticks and screens, and smooth front access. The feature set of the Acro emphasizes instantaneous control over the direction and volume of omnidirectional thrust, as well as various flight positions and angles and several flight modes, including Angle mode, Horizon mode, and Acro mode with AI support.

The mass breakdown of the vehicle demonstrates that the maximum takeoff weight is equivalent to the total hover thrust, or roughly 62% of the cyclorotor’s maximum overall thrust. The propulsion system, which is built on an upgraded and well-optimized Cyclo Tech CR-60 cyclorotor, enables the vehicle to land and hover securely even in the event that two engines fail at the same time.

Besides the thrilling and safe flying experience, the Klissarov Design Acro eVTOL also provides an environmentally friendly option with its ultra-low noise pollution, electrical propulsion system, and compact design that eliminates the requirement for a traditional helipad. The vehicle also incorporates hassle-free “dock-in” charging at the bottom of the aircraft.

Acro eVTOL
Klissarov Design
Klissarov Design Acro eVTOL
Klissarov Design

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