275-Foot M51 Concepts Enterprise Trimaran Concept Unveiled

Designer Anthony Glasson is at it again with the M51 Concepts Trimaran concept

Lead designer Anthony Glasson of M51 concepts has revealed the new Star Trek inspired 275-foot M51 Concepts Enterprise trimaran concept. The cutting-edge trimaran takes design cues for its piercing hull from the USS Enterprise starship from the first season of the Star Trek television series.

Glasson’s idea for the M51 Concepts Enterprise trimaran concept came to fruition as he spent time on the 84-meter Echo superyacht White Rabbit. The goal was to develop a trimaran design under 100 meters long and satisfy all of a luxury superyacht’s necessities with mini pools and roomy open areas for events..

The hull of Enterprise is distinctive for its angular lines and stunning appearance. “The exterior styling inspiration was only obvious once I had finished watching the first season of Star Trek and realized I had subconsciously designed a yacht that resembled the original Star Trek USS Enterprise,” says designer Anthony Glasson.

M51 Concepts Enterprise Trimaran Concept
M51 Concepts

Featuring a courtyard, Glasson knew the Enterprise would require a 65-foot wide beam. Located on the sundeck, the courtyard is accessible via a central circular elevator and is equipped with a glass barrier allowing for a climate-controlled environment and breathtaking 180-degree views. The jacuzzi sits right at the center of the top level area, which has an open roof to provide natural sunlight.

The Enterprise has a full-beam owner’s suite and seven modular guest cabins that can accommodate 12 passengers. Also featured is a large forward deck which includes a lounge, an outdoor eating area, and a third jacuzzi. There’s even a garage for water toys and a helicopter landing pad aft that doubles as a tender garage.

Glasson describes the M51 Concepts Enterprise trimaran concept as an “adventure yacht”. It would be powered by a hybrid propulsion system consisting of a range of 5,000 nautical miles. Glasson claims when compared to monohulls of the same size, the all-aluminum multihull design has various advantages, one being a 30 percent decrease in fuel consumption.

M51 Concepts Enterprise Trimaran
M51 Concepts
M51 Concepts Enterprise
M51 Concepts

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