M51 Concepts Vector Hybrid Superyacht Is A Crossover With A Powerboat

The M51 Concepts Vector hybrid superyacht has an astounding 5,000 nautical mile range

Visually striking, the 256-foot M51 Concepts Vector hybrid superyacht is a low profile vessel that is built with lightweight aluminum. Inspired by small powerboats, Anthony Glasson of M51 Concepts has designed a sporty superyacht in his latest creation.

Glasson has stated the M51 Concepts Vector hybrid superyacht’s superstructure provided “a perfect canvas for different color combinations” and that the yacht sports a split two-toned finish in a blue and white color scheme. The width of the Vector is 42 feet, which is longer than a standard powerboat’s length. This enormous size offers plenty of room for both inside and outdoor locations.

The living quarters’ interior decor expertly combines dark hues and luxurious wood with lighter furnishings and beautiful gold accents. Up to 12 passengers can stay in the Vector’s seven cabins. The main deck includes the owner’s suite, two VIPs, and two twin rooms. The other two twin rooms are located on the lower deck, which also features a gym, a massage room, and a sauna.

Vector hybrid superyacht
Mike Burns

Remarkable spiral staircases connect the several decks on the exterior. An open beach club area featuring a bar, a lounge, and a deep Jacuzzi is located on the lower deck. The main deck’s aft offers a covered outdoor dining space for up to 20 guests. The expansive bridge deck is located on a higher level and can be customized by the owner with a helipad, a pool, a lounge, or a hot tub. It’s important to note that the sundeck was not included by the designer in order to preserve the boat’s svelte, streamlined appearance.

The M51 Concepts Vector hybrid superyacht’s hybrid configuration would enable the Vector to travel 5,000 nautical miles. Take a closer look at the Vector below.

M51 Concepts Vector
Mike Burns
M51 Concepts Vector hybrid
Mike Burns

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