QuietKat Lynx Electric Moped Launches This Summer

Get ready to ride the full-suspension QuietKat Lynx electric moped

The QuietKat Lynx electric moped is finally here and combines versatility and style. As stated by the Colorado-based company, the Lynx is designed for riders who expect the newest technology and a premium ride. This electric moped is a fun and powerful vehicle and is very competent even on the off-road.

Handling through the most difficult terrain, the QuietKat Lynx electric moped can tear up the road in flair with its cutting-edge VPO Technology (Variable Power Output) and 1000w hub-drive motor. Riders will be able to select between Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, and Unlimited Modes. Although QuietKat hasn’t provided all of the detailed specifications, the company has shared numerous features that come equipped with the bike.

The Lynx will come standard with Bluetooth, GPS tracking, LED lighting, fenders, a rear rack, dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes, and a cellphone connection. In addition, it will have 24 x 4.5-inch tires, which will give the bike a slightly smaller wheel diameter than many full-size e-bikes with fat tires but a larger contact patch for better traction and more agile handling.

Lynx Electric Moped

The huge synthetic leather stitched saddle, which gives comfort in a variety of riding positions, was inspired by the aesthetics of cafe racers. The moped also comes with the incredibly bright HALO headlight so that riders can cruise the night with ease and up to 60 miles per charge on its swappable 20Ah internal battery.

Estimated to retail for $4,000, the QuietKat Lynx electric moped is expected to launch later this summer. Check out the photos below for a closer look and for any additional information, visit the QuietKat website here.

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