Carbon Fiber Silent Yachts ST400 Electric Tender Is Quick And Quiet

The Silent Yachts ST400 electric tender is the company’s first dedicated electric tender

The innovative Silent Yachts ST400 electric tender has been unveiled by the Austrian-based electric yacht builder in support of their growing product line of emissions free boats. Light and maneuverable, this new tender is made of carbon fiber and can carry up to six passengers.

The 13-foot Silent Yachts ST400 electric tender is designed with sleek, sharp lines in a modern yet formal black and white signature colorway. Claimed as one of the most effective electric tenders on the market, according to founder and CEO of Silent Yachts, Michael Köhler, owners have a variety of inboard and outboard propulsion options to select from.

A 20kW electric waterjet provides inboard power and has a very low draft for simple handling. Depending on the package chosen, the sporty outboard’s input power is either 20kW or 30kW. The higher-rated motor can move the boat at a speed of over 20 knots for a thrilling and fast trip.

“We are very proud to present the new Silent Tender 400, which is one of the most efficient electric tenders on the market,” said Köhler. “It follows the same design principles as our award-winning electric yachts, with dimensions that enable it to fit both the SILENT 60 series and SILENT 80 series yachts. What is more, the hull gives passengers a really dry ride, even at speed and in confused seas.”

Either a standard 16kWh or a higher 20kWh lithium battery with more range can be fitted in the Silent Yachts ST400 electric tender. When traveling at 10 knots, expect at least two hours of drive time. The battery may be recharged quickly in only 2.5 hours by using fast-charging.

To go along with the Silent 80, the company is currently developing a larger, 17-foot electric tender. “This has been a repeated request from our owners,” Köhler continued. “…and one that we are delighted to respond to.”

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